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Go Play Ann Arbor



Go Play Ann Arbor was created out of a desire to share with others the amazing sense of completeness you can feel when being out in nature. In Ann Arbor, there is an abundance of trails, greenery, and waterways that are begging to be explored.  

At Go Play Ann Arbor, we feel it is important for adolescent girls to have mentors to help guide them through the tricky terrain of growing up.  Getting outside and exploring is great way to discover courage, develop skill, and find friends worth holding on to.  Our wish for every girl who goes through our programs is to help them grow into strong, unique individuals who are capable of tackling any obstacles that life could throw.

Our small group mentored outings provide a fun and safe environment for girls to challenge themselves with the help of a more experienced mentor.  We are excited to share our knowledge and love for the outdoors with you!